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HCDS Technical Review

Silicon has been recognized for its electrical, mechanical and thermal properties necessary for the development of semiconductor material. It’s superiority for semiconductor material has been contributed to the unique ability of silicon to easily be oxidized to form smooth layers of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Asteran is one of the leading manufacturers of bulk HCDS (single lot of 100 kg) since 1992.
Hexachlorodisilane (HCDS) is a compound used as a precursor for low-temperature production of semiconductors, fiber optics and solar energy products. HCDS has a chemical formula of (SiCl3)2 and is known to be highly reactive with water, alcohols, strong bases, acids and aqueous solutions. HCDS has been recognized as a promising precursor for the deposition of high quality Si thin films necessary for semiconductor manufacturing. This material is used to produce amorphous silicon thin films, disilanes and in base glass for optical fibers. Such material can act as a chemical diffusion barrier and gate spacers for dynamic random access memory (DRAM) devices. Production of semiconductors and solar cells typically is developed through atomic layer deposition (ALD) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processes to produce thin layer films of silicon dioxide.

Hexachlorodisilane (HCDS) is a moisture sensitive, corrosive and shock sensitive compound. HCDS is a colorless chlorosilane liquid with a pungent odor. This compound is stable but reacts violently with water.

Chemical Formula = (SiCl3)x2
Synonyms = 1,1,1,2,2,2-Hexachlorodisilane, Disilicon hexachloride, HCDS

Physical Properties

Molecular Weight


Density ( 20°C)

1.562 g/cm3

Boiling Point

144-145 °C

Melting Point


Storage Temperature


HCDS is a stable compound but reacts violently with water. It is moisture sensitive and may be shock sensitive and present an explosion hazard.This compound is incompatible with strong bases, alcohols, water, moisture, acids and oxidizing agents.

HCDS is mostly used in semiconductor and solar manufacturing industries. Through chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes, HCDS is used as a precursor for low temperature deposition of thin layers of SiN, epitaxial Si and SiON used in semiconductor manufacturing.
In the pharmaceutical industry, HCDS is used for its selective reduction of phosphine oxides.

Safety and Handling
HCDS is known to be corrosive, carcinogenic and highly reactive with water. Handle and store under inert gas. Avoid inhalation, ingestion, and contact with skin and eyes.

Chlorosilanes and their vapors undergo hydrolysis to form silicon dioxide and hydrochloric acid in the presence of moisture, water, acids, alcohols and aqueous solutions. In the presence of these compounds HCDS is shock sensitive and represent an explosion hazard.

When handling the product proper protective gear should be worn to prevent physical contact and inhalation of vapor products. This includes impermeable gloves, eye protection and breathing masks.

Proper ventilation should also be utilized in facilities when handling this product. Additional information on toxicity and handling of this product are provided by MSDS sheets available at

Packaging and Storage
HCDS is typically stored in stainless steel containers that are tightly closed and contain no moisture or air. Containers should be protected from direct sunlight and heat. Storage facilities should be properly ventilated.

To maintain a constant temperature, packages containing HCDS should be cooled by liquid Nitrogen only.

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